The Team

William Sleigh

Managing Director

William has been working in the travel industry longer than he cares to admit and although technology may have changed from typewriters to trip advisor he is still a leading expert in his field.

Over the years, how we all do business has change dramatically and the world has become much smaller and impersonal. In response to this William split his company into two; W L Sleigh Ltd, founded in 1974 by Lowrie Sleigh, to concentrate on its private chauffeur services and Sleigh Tours Scotland Ltd, to supply luxury bespoke tours around Scotland. Both companies have been providing a truly personal and high-class experience since, and have been well received in the industry by all.

William was lived all his life in Scotland and is a very proud Scot. His interests of photography, driving, wildlife, the environment and whisky are a good combination to help his clients enjoy the best Scotland has to offer. As well as being a Royal Warrant holder for 18 years he is also very proud to have been an “On-Site” for Virtuoso since 2002.

Favourite Area of the UK
The Wild West Coast. I was born and brought up in Scotland’s historic capital, and still live within 25 miles of it. Although I have always loved Edinburgh, my favourite childhood memories are more or less all from the West Coast. I was very lucky in that my grandparents lived in a small town in Argyle called Appin. The old house overlooked Stalker Castle and, on most morning, we would walk across the sands at low tide to visit this magical stronghold. I can’t imagine a more exciting scene for kids to play on their holidays and, as such, I do love to send families up to where I used to this beautiful and historically rich area.

Christopher Sleigh

Creative Director

Christopher joined his Father at Sleigh's in February 2017 and, since then, has been providing hugely popular, luxury, personalised tours for clients from around the World. Christopher’s years of experience travelling, combined with his strong passion for the United Kingdom to ensure every trip will exceed our client's expectations.

Christopher is Scottish, born and bred, and thus eager to share Scotland with clients from every corner of the World.

Favourite Area of the UK
The Outer Hebrides is one of my favourite spots in the World. I have explored the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australasia and would still peg the Outer Hebs as one of the best places to travel. Beautiful beaches, ancient history, great fishing and sailing spots and an abundance of wildlife - what more could you want?


Destination Expert

Euan joined the Sleigh's team in April 2018, after having studied History and spent a number of years teaching. In another case of poacher turned gamekeeper, having travelled widely and spent time living abroad, he is now excited to be able to show people the best of his home country, Scotland, and to share with visitors what makes it the unique place that it is.
Favourite Area of the UK
Having grown up there I’m obviously biased, but Perthshire really does have the most amazing range of scenery in Scotland. In the north and west, Loch Tay and the magnificent Tarmachan Ridge offer some of the best mountain walking and upland landscapes to be had anywhere in the country, with fewer tourists than Loch Lomond or Loch Ness (not that they’re bad either). The colours of the beech woods round here in autumn are incredible. In the south and east, the rolling landscapes surrounding the River Tay are filled with a rich history, and home to much of the best farm produce to be found in Scotland.


Destination Expert

Ema became part of the Sleigh's team in June 2019. Having grown up in Spain to a Scottish mother she knows the UK both from within as well as through the eyes of a foreigner. During her studies in she had the opportunity to visit many of the stunning landscapes and hidden corners of England and Scotland for the first time, so she knows exactly what wows visitors and tourists. She is now eager to share her own experiences with travellers from all over the world.
Favourite Area of the UK
There is nowhere in the world quite as peaceful as the sea lochs on the west coast of Scotland. Whether it’s discovering them by boat or camping on a remote beach on the westernmost point of Scotland, there is nowhere I feel more at one with nature than on this magnificent coast. It is, hands down, the place where I’ve seen the most spectacular sunsets in the world.


Scottish Travel Assistant

Ben has been working for Sleigh’s since January 2020 alongside his studies at the University of Edinburgh in Persian & Middle Eastern Studies. In the past, he has spent time travelling and living throughout Europe, Africa and Central Asia and loves learning about the languages and cultures of wherever he goes. However, he is equally passionate about his home country of Scotland and sharing its amazing diversity with people from all around the world.
Favourite Area of the UK
Having lived in Edinburgh for 5 years now, I have to say it’s one of the best places to live. There’s so much going on right on your doorstep, and it’s such a beautiful place to be. However, I always relish any opportunity to get out of the city and into the Highlands. The dramatic landscapes never fail to amaze, and the vast hills and forests waiting to be explored are always enticing.
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