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12th May 2020
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29th May 2020

Fancy a Country Retreat?

Due to restrictions of movement and travel, many city dwellers have found themselves completely cut-off from nature, unable to enjoy their cherished weekends in the countryside, or family daytrips to the coast. With mental health a huge priority during the pandemic, it is thought that a retreat into nature could ease stress. As the world begins to recover and our post-lockdown reality inches closer and closer, now is the perfect time to focus on our well-being and plan to make up for lost time in the great outdoors.

Sleigh's can arrange remote and luxury stays throughout Scotland, England & Ireland.



Luxurious Retreats

Dotted throughout the stunning and varied UK countryside are countless elegant manor houses, cosy cottages and historic country estates which could become your home for the summer. It is the perfect chance to reconnect with nature by going on invigorating woodland walks, enjoying calming seaside strolls or listening to birdsong as you sit in your peaceful garden.


The Perfect Property

Sleigh’s will scour through our preferred properties across the country until we find the ideal home for you and your loved ones to build your temporary base from which to recover and reconnect with nature.

Inspired to book a Country Retreat??

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