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Euan joined the Sleigh Tours team in April 2018, after having studied History and spent a number of years teaching. In another case of poacher turned gamekeeper, having travelled widely and spent time living abroad, he is now excited to be able to show people the best of his home country, Scotland, and to share with visitors what makes it the unique place that it is.

Favourite Are of Scotland:

“Having grown up there I’m obviously biased, but Perthshire really does have the most amazing range of scenery in Scotland. In the north and west, Loch Tay and the magnificent Tarmachan Ridge offer some of the best mountain walking and upland landscapes to be had anywhere in the country, with fewer tourists than Loch Lomond or Loch Ness (not that they’re bad either). The colours of the beech woods round here in autumn are incredible. In the south and east, the rolling landscapes surrounding the River Tay are filled with a rich history, and home to much of the best farm produce to be found in Scotland.”

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