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Discover our recommendations for the Perfect Group Vacations, Exclusive Use Bookings, and Corporate Experiences in England, Scotland & Ireland. Sleigh's extensive portfolio of hand-picked properties and experiences cater to all groups and tastes, while our attention to detail ensures an unforgettable trips with everything from personalised gifts to onsite cultural experiences and world-class private chefs.

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It was a seriously incredible trip. One of the best ever for me and I think for many of the others in my crew. It was so well done across the board. The places we went, the house, the butlers, the timing of everything, the transportation, etc. I honestly believe it couldn't have gone better than it did. Epic is the only way I can think to explain it, but that doesn't even cover how great it was.

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Interested in UK Luxury Travel? Discover the very best that the Scotland, England & Ireland have to offer...

As leading Scotland, England & Ireland Destination Experts we are constantly on the look-out for exciting new experiences and accommodation throughout the country. Allow us to keep you up-to-date with all the unique itineraries and exciting cultural experiences that Sleigh's have to offer.