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17th December 2020
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14th December 2021

With over 130 distilleries across five different whisky regions, the choice of whisky in Scotland is endless. Each whisky is packed with a unique array of flavours which create its individual character to be enjoyed across the globe by Scotch enthusiasts. Why not bring a little bit of Scotland into your home to discover the different flavours in each sip?

To help you choose between the endless selection of this world-renowned golden spirit, here are our team’s favourite whiskies:



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Secret Distilleries

With our extensive experience of the Whisky industry and as members of the Malt Whisky Society, we know the hidden gems around Scotland.

There are a number of private and family run distilleries that produce some of the finest drams of our nation's golden spirit but have been keep secret to the rest of the World, much like that 40 year-old single malt that you keep stashed behind the bookshelf for "special occasions only".

Why not join the locals to experience the true traditions and tastes of Scottish Whisky?

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