Why Private Travel is the Safest Option

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15th May 2020
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9th December 2020

Travel after Lockdown

The possibility of Scottish travel is no longer a distant dream in the heart of isolation, but a fast-approaching reality for many keen travellers. After having spent months looking at the same view from our window, it seems that we can now finally begin to plan our escape.

But how? What is the safest and most responsible way to quench our thirst for adventure without putting ourselves and others at risk?


Why Private is the Safest and Smartest Option

With many people currently worried about the risk of travel, interest/demand in privately driven tours is booming. With many hygiene policies in place to ensure the safety of customers, private driven tours are one of the safest and most socially responsible ways to explore even the remotest corners of our country.

With over 45 years’ experience in the industry, Sleigh’s appreciate that it is important to, while ensuring the safety of the client, consider the well-being of local communities. Some remote regions, who are most at risk from the influx of visitors, have expressed feeling much more comfortable with privately driven tours, as it will reduce the number of those travelling without knowledge of the local rules and regulations.


Customised to Suit You

Due to the nature of our itineraries, they can be entirely tailored to your individual needs, so you will travel with the complete certainty that unnecessary risks will not be taken. From designing a trip based largely on sightseeing from the comfort of your luxury vehicle, to securing private tours and experiences in top attractions, this type of travel gives you the best chance to reduce the time spent in crowded places.


Main benefits:

• No need to read up on rules and regulations at each location you visit. Your driver-guide will make sure all these are met accordingly.

• Have the benefit of the same luxury car and driver-guide for the entirety of your trip, which will reduce your number of contacts with different people.

• With your driver’s local expertise and knowledge of the best hidden spots, you will be able to stay away from the crowds and have a unique and tailored experience.

• Door to door comfort and safety. Avoiding taxi queues on busy corners, having to park your hire car far from your destination, or walking through crowded streets.

• Enjoy a trip entirely tailored to your needs and interests.


Our steps to ensure client safety:

• Prior to each new client entering the vehicle, the chauffeur will sanitise the seats, door handles and all surfaces where the previous passenger had contact.

•Complimentary personal hand-wipes and sanitiser will be provided.

• Disposable masks and gloves will be available in all cars, if required.

•Perspex screens installed between driver and passengers.

•Driver when assisting with luggage will use sterile gloves.

Feel Like Booking a Private Scottish Getaway??

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