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Ever wondered if you have Scottish roots?

The Scots have always been keen travellers. From crossing the seas to start new lives across the Atlantic to searching for work opportunities on the other side of the world, many settled elsewhere and started families in faraway lands, leaving Scottish ancestry scattered across the world’s population. From fishermen in stunning remote villages to lords and ladies of the most luxurious castles, your ancestors may have walked countless corners of this breath-taking land.

Allow us to trace your family history through Scotland and take you on an unforgettable journey following your ancestor's ancient footsteps!



Heritage Tours

If you’ve always dreamed of tracing this ancestry to find out how your family lived, with our expert knowledge and local contacts, Sleigh’s can help you plan this once in a lifetime trip. We will tailor your tour to the last detail so that you have the chance to experience your own history first-hand. We can arrange for a genealogist to research your family name so that we’ll know exactly where your family connections lie, and plan your trip around that.


What might you find?

Your custom trip will take you to castles, past homes and workplaces that have featured in your family history. Get to know your tartan and discover how kilts are made at Kinloch Anderson, the Royal family’s own kiltmakers. Celebrate your past like your ancestors did, dancing the night away at a traditional Ceilidh. Go underground to Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh to find out exactly how your ancestors lived. Enjoy the local community of your ancestors by joining the local highland games, or let us plan a private highland games for you and your family. From clothing and dancing to food and drink, you’ll learn all about how Scottish history and your family history are closely intertwined.

Inspired to visit your Scottish Ancestors??

Get in touch to discuss your visit!

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