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25th October 2018
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1st June 2019

The Future of Whisky Distilleries?

The Macallan Experience has set the bar for ultra-modern whisky distilleries but there will always be a place for small traditional distilleries too. We feel that it is important to have a good range and contrast of Whisky experiences. Here are some of our favourite:


The Macallan Experience

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a tour of the new Macallan distillery and visitor centre, The Macallan, and really look forward to introducing some clients to this amazing Whisky Experience. Sleigh Tours are now offering Speyside Whisky Tours which include this new, one-of-a-kind, £140 million subterranean Macallan distillery.


Inspired by our sample of Whisky Distilleries?

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Dalwhinnie Distillery

Dalwhinnie Distillery in the heart of the Scottish Highlands in the Cairngorm National Park. From this remote but accessible location, the talented distillers have been producing this beautiful malt known as the gentle spirit since 1897.

The distillery proudly boasts its title as the highest distillery in the country and they somehow survive the harsh conditions that this area entails year after year. Whisky will get you through anything as Alexander Fleming once said;

“A good gulp of hot whisky at bedtime – it’s not very scientific, but it helps.” – Alexander Fleming, the Scottish inventor of penicillin, offers his remedy for the common cold.

Winner of the Best Distillery Tour in Scotland Award from Drinks International in 2017.

Whisky Barrels

Abhainn Dearg Distillery

Abhainn Dearg, which is pronounced Aveen Jarræk, stands for “red river” in Gaelic. Based on the West coast of the Isle of Lewis, they are proud to be the most Westerly distillery in Scotland.

Abhainn Dearg distillery is perhaps the furthest contrast imaginable from the new modern Macallan distillery. This wonderful remote distillery on the Isle of Lewis is about as close as you will come to the illicit distilleries of days gone by. Everything is sourced locally, including the power which is run from the river that is the distilleries namesake and the stills are hand-made wooden contraptions similar to those used by whisky rogues back in the day.

Being a small and relatively new distillery means that this Lewis Malt is limited and the bottles cost around £150 each.


Secret Distilleries

With our extensive experience of the Whisky industry and as members of the Malt Whisky Society, we know the hidden gems around Scotland.

There are a number of private and family run distilleries that produce some of the finest drams of our nation's golden spirit but have been keep secret to the rest of the World, much like that 40 year-old single malt that you keep stashed behind the bookshelf for "special occasions only".

Why not join the locals to experience the true traditions and tastes of Scottish Whisky?

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